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Purus Mats, A Prescription For Preventing Cross Contamination
Specific to medical industries, the emphasis on controlling infection due to cross contamination and external contamination is of critical importance. The Purus Mat line, produced in an ISO 9001:2008 accredited factory, has been designed to address this challenge.

The Purus mat is a multi-layered, adhesive-coated mat with the added benefit of anti-microbial technology that effectively controls contamination bacteria and viable microbes from foot and wheel traffic.

In medical environments, Purus mats yield immediate results by minimizing floor borne contamination from entering a controlled environment, likewise preventing hazardous waste from leaving any kind of controlled area.

This disposable type mat offers the most cost effective solution to reduce the introduction of contamination.
"For me the biggest selling point has been the removal of contamination from Trolley wheels, not so much the foot borne contamination as measures (PPE foot protection) are in place already to minimize cross contamination caused by footwear. "
- Adam Wood, Jackson-Allison Medical & Surgical Ltd.
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